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Geoportals and spatial data


Geoportals and spatial data

Attention!  The content of this website is neither developed nor supported by the HOGENT communication department. Please contact dr. Cornelis Stal for more information, suggestions or questions.



Welcome to this overview of governmental geoportals and other interesting spatial data

This website gives a limited overview that will help the user getting started with the search for authentic spatial data.

Country Name URL OSM
Egypt Egyptian National Survey Authority (ESA) (offline) (here)
Eritrea Unknown (Unknown) (here)
Ethiopia Ethiopia Mapping Agency (EMA) (here) (here)
Kenya ICT Services Coverage Geo-Portal (here) (here)
Namibia Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) (here) (here)
Rwanda National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR) (here) (here)
South Africa National Geo-spatial Information (NGI) (here) (here)

Country Name URL OSM
Ecuador Geográfico Instituto Geográfico Militar Ecuador (here) (here)
USA USGS GIS Data (here) (here)

Country Name URL OSM
Afghanistan Unknown (unknown) (here)
Bhutan National Land Commission Secretariat (here) (here)
India Indian Geo-platform for ISRO (here) (here)
Indonesia Jaringan Informasi Geospasial Nasional (here) (here)
Iran ژئوپورتال زیر ساخت ملی داده های مکانی (here) (here)
Nepal National Spatial Data Center (here) (here)
Pakistan Survey of Pakistan (here) (here)
Syria General Authority for Remote Sensing (here) (here)
Turkey Harita Genel Müdürlüğü (here) (here)

Country Name URL OSM
Belgium - Flanders Informatie Vlaanderen (here) (here)
Belgium - Wallonia Géoportail de la Wallonie (here) (here)
Belgium - Federal Geoportal of the Belgian federal institutions (here) (here)
Europe INSPIRE Geoportal (here) (here)
Germany - Brandenburg-Berlin Geodateninfrastruktur Brandenburg-Berlin (here) (here)
Germany - Federal Geodateninfrastruktur Deutschland (here) (here)
Greece geodata.gov.gr (here) (here)
Hungary Lechner Tudásközpont (here) (here)
Ireland Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) (here) (here)
Italy Geoportale Nazionale (here) (here)
North Macedonia Агенција за катастар на недвижности (offline) (here)
Malta Malta Spatial Data Infrastructure (MSDI) (here) (here)
Montenegro Geoportal Uprave za katastar i državnu imovinu (here) (here)
Russia Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography (offline) (here)
The Netherlands Publieke Dienstverlening Op de Kaart (here) (here)
Turkey Harita Genel Müdürlüğü (here) (here)
UK The UK Data Service (here) (here)

Name Google maps OSM section Interesting map
Al Bawiti, Egypt (here) (here) (nothing here yet)
Türkmenkarahüyük, Turkey (here) (here) (nothing here yet)
Rachakonda, India (here) (here) (nothing here yet)
Palmyra, Syria (here) (here) (Palmyra, Schnädelbach, 2010))
Malindi, Kenya (here) (here) (Malmidi, East Africa, 1961)
Thimphu, Bhutan (here) (here) (Punakha, AMS1, 1949)
Cospicua, Malta (here) (here) (Map of Malta, 93+94, 1907)
Leipzig, Germany (here) (here) (Leipzig (Ost, 4640), 1944))
Ermoupoli, Greece (here) (here) (Syra Island, 1835)
Mdandu, Tanzania (here) (here) (nothing here yet)
Al-Nazlah, Egypt (here) (here) (El Faiyum, AMS1, 1948)
Juja, Kenia (here) (here) (Thika, East Africa, 1975)
Kabul, Afghanistan (here) (OSM) (Kabul, 1961)

Source Description URL
Copernicus Hub (EU) World wide satellite imagery (here)
Landkartenarchiv DE Old non-georeferenced map (here)
Mapster Old topographic maps (here)
Mapywig Old topographic maps (here)
University of Texas Library World wide maps (here)
USGS Earth Explorer USA Data + world wide satellite imagery (here)
Vlasenko Soviet topographic maps (here)