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Applied Geomatics

Attention! The content of this website is neither developed nor supported by the HOGENT communication department. Please contact Dr. Cornelis Stal for more information, suggestions or questions.

Update! Many thanks to HOGENT, the Heritage Management Organization and the city of Nafplio (Greece) for another great and productive field trip with our land surveying students. Click HERE for more info and our models.


Welcome to our website

This website offers a great insight on our collaborative research efforts on applied geomatics.

Research projects

Some of our research projects

As a member of the Department of Build Environment, we are also proud members of the Centre for Applied Data Science (CADS) and Sustainable land use and mobility (DRUM) at HOGENT. Furtermore, we are involved in various projects on the digitalization of cultural heritage, as part of HERITΛGE.

Nafplio 3D
Syriac Heritage
(HOGENT, Heidelberg University)
(HOGENT, UniBuc)
Real estate valuation

Some recent publications

Stal, C., Covataru, C., Müller, J., Parnic, V., Ignat, T., Hofmann, R., & Lazar, C. (2022). Supporting Long-Term Archaeological Research in Southern Romania Chalcolithic Sites Using Multi-Platform UAV Mapping. Drones, 6(10), 277.
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Covătaru, C., Stal, C., Florea, M., Opriș, I., Simion, C., Rădulescu, I., ... & Lazăr, C. (2022). Human Impact Scale on the Preservation of Archaeological Sites from Mostiştea Valley (Romania). Frontiers in Environmental Science, 1065.
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Jin, J., Verbeurgt, J., De Sloover, L., Stal, C., Deruyter, G., Montreuil, A. L., ... & De Wulf, A. (2021). Monitoring spatiotemporal variation in beach surface moisture using a long-range terrestrial laser scanner. Isprs Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 173, 195-208.
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Hendrickx, H., De Sloover, L., Stal, C., Delaloye, R., Nyssen, J., & Frankl, A. (2020). Talus slope geomorphology investigated at multiple time scales from high‐resolution topographic surveys and historical aerial photographs (Sanetsch Pass, Switzerland). Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 45(14), 3653-3669.
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Stal, C., Verbeurgt, J., De Sloover, L., & De Wulf, A. (2020). Assessment of handheld mobile terrestrial laser scanning for estimating tree parameters. Journal of Forestry Research, 1-11.
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Dr. Cornelis Stal

is Lecturer at the Ghent University College (Department of Built Environment), Manager of HERITΛGE-Digital and, Visiting Professor at the Ghent University (Department of Geography) with expertice on airborne and terrestrial laser scanning and photogrammetry for 3D modeling as well as geo-IT (GI-systems, GI-programming, GI-management).



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Our involvement in education

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