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Attention! The official website of the archaeological project of Sultana can be found here. This website is developed to publish some interesting spatial data. Please visit to learn more about our work.

Welcome to our website

This website offers some wonderful spatial data acquired during the summer campaigns of 2018-2022 at the archaeological sites of the Mostiştea Valley (Romania).


ALS (Airborne Laser Scanning)

Point clouds are available using entwine. Furthermore, the full datasets are available as compressed LAZ-files (site per site and strip per strip. Rasterized digital elevation models are provided via a WCS. All data are georeferenced in the Romanian Pulkovo 1942(58) / Stereo70 (EPSG:3844), but no point cloud classification has been applied.

The authors:

Dr. Cornelis Stal: HOGENT University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Drs. Cristina Covataru: University of Bucharest, ArchaeoSciences Division

Dr. Catalin Lazar: University of Bucharest, ArchaeoSciences Division

MS (multispectral) mapping

In this section, you can find some results of data acquisition using a UAV with a multispectral sensor (DJI Phantom 4 Multispectral). True color composites, false composites, and SVF maps (sky view factor, calculated using unclassified ALS data) are presented using leaflet.

All data are available through an XYZ-file service, which can be using in other desktop GIS software as well. The menu below allows you to generate an URL for a specific dataset.{x}&y={y}&z={z}

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Some recent publications

Stal, C., Covataru, C., Müller, J., Parnic, V., Ignat, T., Hofmann, R., & Lazar, C. (2022). Supporting Long-Term Archaeological Research in Southern Romania Chalcolithic Sites Using Multi-Platform UAV Mapping. Drones, 6(10), 277.
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Covătaru, C., Stal, C., Florea, M., Opriș, I., Simion, C., Rădulescu, I., ... & Lazăr, C. (2022). Human Impact Scale on the Preservation of Archaeological Sites from Mostiştea Valley (Romania). Frontiers in Environmental Science, 10, 924440.
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3D Models

Since the start of the partnership between the authors of this website, intensive work has been organized on image-based 3D modelling of the various sites in the region. A small selection of the resulting models is presented here using 3DHOP as interactive model viewer.